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Which is right for me - Daily English or the Online Modules?

Daily English Or The Online Modules - Which Is Right For Me?The Online Modules are ideally suited to complement your studies at Direct English and Linguaphone Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Daily English, on the other hand, is more suitable for the intermediate to advanced learner at Direct English and Linguaphone Level 4 and above.


Who is Daily English aimed at?

Daily English is for learners looking to expand, practise and test their understanding of the English language, whilst keeping abreast of current affairs via up-to-the-minute articles from a variety of American and British newspapers, radio and TV programmes.


What learning material does Daily English contain?

Daily English Learning MaterialEvery Daily English article and broadcast is supported by teaching notes - an introduction, key vocabulary list and grammar notes.

Once you have worked through the article or broadcast, there are interactive exercises to test your comprehension.  They range from true or false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks and free-writing subjective questions.


What sort of computer and software do I need to access the Online Modules and Daily English?

To access the Online Modules you must have access to the Internet and Flash loaded on to your computer.

To access Daily English you must have access to the Internet and Apple Quicktime* installed on your PC.  You must also have Windows 95/98 or Windows NT version 4 or above installed on your computer and we recommend you use a PC with at least a Pentium 120 processor. 

* The videos are played in Apple Quicktime.  The program installer will automatically prompt you to install the software if it is not already present on your computer.


How can I access Daily English and the Online Modules?

Both Daily English and the Online Modules are an integral part of our assisted learning Free 1-Day Trial To Daily Englishoffering and English language course materials to keep your English skills right up to date.

To experience the uniqueness of Daily English for yourself today, access our 1-day free trial subscription.

Alternatively, contact your nearest Direct English or Linguaphone Centre to find out more about the many benefits of incorporating Daily English and the Online Modules in to your studies.

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