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Daily English - News Articles, TV And RadioDaily English uses newspaper articles, television and radio broadcasts on international current affairs, news, sport, history, politics, entertainment, food and drink - subjects we know you will be interested in - to help you learn English.

By reading, watching and listening to these articles and broadcasts, you will build your confidence in understanding everyday conversational English.

Before you know it, the accents, rhythms and sounds of native English speakers will be as comprehensible to you as those of your own language.

Each article has a unique, independent learning objective to ensure you optimise your understanding and learning. With an introduction section to each article, you can focus on the topic and the words that may be used even before you start.


For the Corporate Executive

Daily English For The Corporate ExecutiveFor the corporate executive, there are news articles and media broadcasts in topics such as international travel, current affairs, technology, finance and business from around the world.

For the General Consumer

Daily English For The General ConsumerFor the more general consumer, subjects such as the latest fashion trends, sports, home, garden and health are covered, as well as reports on recent world events.


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Daily English received the Millennium Products Award for its innovative approach to learning English.

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