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Daily English - Online English Language Learning Service Daily English provides an unrivalled selection of quality media in one unique system to help you expand, practise and test your understanding of the English language, whilst keeping you abreast of current affairs at the same time. 

American and British newspapers, radio and TV programmes will help you read, see and hear genuine news stories of events and topics of the world today.

Using a rich set of interactive, stimulating and engaging English language learning material, this revolutionary online service will help you build on and practise what you have already learned throughout your studies at Direct English and Linguaphone.

Keep Your English Skills Current and Contemporary

Daily English - Keep Your English Skills Current And ContemporaryBy learning expressions and colloquial language used every day by native English and American speakers, Daily English keeps your English language skills current and contemporary.

With exercises and notes on grammar and vocabulary too, Daily English also tests your knowledge and provides that all-important practice in speaking the international language of business and communication - English.

It's a stimulating way of learning 'real world' English that means your understanding of the language and development of key skills is fast, enjoyable and thorough.

Always in Touch

Daily English - The Latest News Direct To Your DesktopDaily English is an innovative online learning service with graded articles from intermediate to advanced for Direct English and Linguaphone Level 4 learners and above.

There are articles on international current affairs, news, sport, history, politics, entertainment, food and drink - subjects that we, at the Linguaphone Group, know are of interest to you.


Benefit From Daily English Today!

Benefit From Daily English Today!An invaluable addition to our core English language learning materials, Daily English is only available to enrolled students at our Direct English and Linguaphone Centres around the world.

To find out how you can benefit from Daily English as part of your studies, contact your nearest Direct English or Linguaphone Centre.

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Award-Winning Service

Daily English Award Winning Service

Daily English received the Millennium Products Award for its innovative approach to learning English.