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Daily English Article Notes And ExercisesDaily English does more than just deliver highly topical news direct to your desktop.

There are also a number of helpful features to ensure you understand the articles and the vocabulary involved - all written by a team of qualified teachers, editors and language experts.


Introduction Section

To help you focus on the topic at hand and the words that may be used, at the beginning of every article and media broadcast there is an introduction section.

Here, the topic is outlined with a few preliminary questions to stimulate and focus your learning around the specific subject matter.

Now you are ready to start expanding, practising and testing your English language skills!

Article Notes

And remember, key to reading and listening to the English language is understanding how each sentence and paragraph is constructed.

That's why you'll gain the all-important understanding of the construction of each newspaper article with the helpful Article Notes.

By reading the explanation of the language and grammar used within each article, you'll gain a much more in-depth understanding of the English language and how it is used from a written perspective.

Daily English - Helpful Features

Vocabulary List

As you read through the main body of the news article, key vocabulary and grammatical words are highlighted. 

By holding the mouse over each highlighted word, an explanation of that word will instantly appear (in English of course!), with further explanations on usage and context available.

What's more, a full list of the vocabulary used in the article is also provided at the end of each article.


By completing the comprehension exercises that accompany each news article, television and radio broadcast, you can test your understanding and practise what you have learned with ease.

The format of these exercises range from true or false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks and free writing subjective questions.


Simple, Effective and Fun!

Daily English - Simple, Effective And Fun!As soon as your start using Daily English, you'll understand why it's such a significant addition to our core assisted learning course materials and learning methodology - helping you speak and understand English to your desired level, with all the confidence you need.

The easy-to-use icons ensure you'll quickly find the news article, television or radio broadcast you are looking for.  You can also learn at your own pace by spending as long or as little time as you want reading each article or using the pause, play, rewind and fast forward functions when listening to the broadcasts.

And, of course, there's always the Help function so you get the most out of Daily English with answers to frequently asked questions and help on using the Daily English site.



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