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English Language Online Learning Services From The Linguaphone GroupAt the Linguaphone Group, we know your time to learn English is precious - even limited.

That's why you can now expand, practise and test your knowledge of the English language, literally at any time of the day or night, with the Linguaphone Group's innovative online learning resources:

Daily English Online Modules


Accessed via the Internet from your home, at your local Direct English or Linguaphone Centre, in the office during your lunch-hour, in your hotel or even whilst travelling, our online resources reinforce the element of flexibility when you learn English with the Linguaphone Group.

Linguaphone Group's Online English Language Learning Resources

An integral part of the Linguaphone Group's assisted learning offering and English language course materials, our unique and innovative award-winning Daily English service and interactive Online Modules ensure you keep your English skills right up to date.

You'll stay one step ahead of your peers and in touch with today's global world at the click of a mouse or touch of a button.

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Learn English At A Direct English Or Linguaphone Centre Near You...and have fun at the same time!

At our Direct English and Linguaphone Centres around the world you can do just that!

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The Linguaphone Group has over 150 Direct English and Linguaphone Centres around the world in more than 20 countries.

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